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Dolmabahce Palace, a blend of various European architectural styles, was built in1856. The palace has 285 rooms and 43 halls. Well-kept, beautiful gardens surround this seaside palace. The palace has survived intact with its original decorations, furniture, and the silk carpets and curtains. It surpasses all other palaces in the world in wealth and magnificence. The walls and the ceilings are covered with paintings by the famous artists of the age and decorations made using tons of gold. The ornate wooden floors have different designs in each room. Rare handmade artifacts from Europe and the Far East decorate every room in the palace. Brilliant crystal chandeliers, candelabras and fireplaces add to the lavish decor. The ballroom is the largest of its kind in the world. A 4.5 ton colossal crystal chandelier hangs from the 36 m high dome. In the Republican era, Atatiirk used to reside in this palace when he visited Istanbul. He died here in 1938.

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