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I was born in Izmir, the 3rd largest city of Turkey, in Autumn 1977.

After spending the first eight years of my life in the city, my mother and I moved to Catalkaya Mountain, one of the highest peaks of Izmir. We lived in a small adobe house, in the middle of the nature. I went to school by horse through the brown paths of the green forest. I spent my spare times surveying the nature, feeding the ants, watering our huge vegetable field, shepherding our small goat herd, looking over the big city from the top of the rocks, and watching my mother painting; she is an artist. These were the most important elements that contributed to my philosophy of life.

At the age of 17, I was offered my first job at a radio station as a music programme presenter.

3 years later I went to London, England, to take Cambridge University’s Certificate in English. I studied at an English Language School in London for a year.

After I returned from England, I worked in travel agencies for 3 years.

Finally in 2002 I attended the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s “Tourist Guiding Course Programme”. At the end of the year I finished the course successfully and was registered with the licence number of 35/1556.

Since then, I have been guiding history, nature and holiday lovers through the stories, mythology and paths of this fascinating land: Anatolia.

My services start any time after the traveller’s arrival, which might be at any airport in Turkey. I can help them find the most suitable accommodation, organise their holiday time according to their interests, and guide them through the cities, villages, ancient sites and museums of Turkish Republic.

The travel organizations are arranged through Nammos Travel, a member of TURSAB Licence Number 6573.